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moncler coats has turned the fully made in Italy

Le 30 November 2015, 06:24 dans Humeurs 0

The stock gained more than 60 percent after its debut to hit an all-time high of 16.60 euros in early January. It has since slowly declined. Shares in Moncler were down 4.6 percent at 10.55 euros by 1614 GMT. The television show contrasted Moncler and other brands with Brunello Cucinelli, which manufactures exclusive clothing in a hamlet in the Umbria region and moncler coats has turned the fully made in Italy concept into a powerful marketing tool. Shares in Cucinelli rose 1.5 percent on Monday, while rivals Tod's and Salvatore Ferragamo lost around 1.3 percent. In an attempt to celebrate the strength and beauty of love, as well as its relationship to art, Moncler gathered 32 of the world's most prominent fashion photographers for a charity exhibition, titled "Art for Love". Patrick Demarchelier, Arthur Elgort, Annie Leibovitz , Bruce Weber, David Sims, Mario Sorrenti, Steven Meisel, Terry Richardson and Willy Vanderperre, among others, were invited to get inspired by Moncler iconic Maya duvet jacket, which dates back from 1952, and channel its spirit in moncler down jackets their own, particular way . Ezra Petronio shot Chloë Sevigny with the Maya jacket wrapped like a skirt; Paolo Sorenti presented a night time portrait of his daughter posing at the Pont Alexandre III bridge over the Seine, Paris; Pamela Hanson followed Julia Restoin Roitfeld in her Chelsea apartment; while Brigitte Lacombe used a cat as a model, adding a touch of humor to the exhibition.If you are one of them, but now work together, online

moncler vests when it comes to such a situation

Le 9 November 2015, 04:48 dans Humeurs 0

Recently, rumors about C Lo may join Paris Saint-Germain in the summer of next year very much, Paris willing to shell out 100 million pounds acquisition of CR7, but in an interview with French radio station RMC interview, Tiago - Silva position that the C Lo the future will join PSG. Tiago - Silva to Paris to sign C Lo is looking forward, he said, "I do not know whether to sign Paris Saint-Germain will be C Ronaldo, but if we can play together with this level of players, it is certainly very interesting .C Lo is the world's best players, if the club signed him, then PSG array of players will be very happy. " Followed by Brazil defender judgment, he thought C Lo will join Paris, "C Lo is a so outstanding players, all the teams in the world are eager to get him, especially Paris such a dream to a great player for the team The team won the Champions League. I think C Ronaldo will come, I do not know the content of his conversation with Blanco after the Champions League, because the coach did not say anything, but I hope the two of them are conversations positive." The prospects for C Lo joined Paris, Tiago - Silva is also very recognized, he referred in particular to the French CR7's ability, "C Luo moncler down jackets French moncler coats very well, probably should be stronger than me if he could join next year in Paris, then. He should have no trouble dealing with the media. " Although Tiago - Silva became Brazil's soccer team captain, but after the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, he was selected for the Selecao difficult recently, Dunga announced the expedition in November two World Cup squad, sister again unsuccessful, moncler vests when it comes to such a situation, Silva said, "let me injured unsuccessful, it is possible to win the World Cup together with the team is my dream. I need to accept the reality, to continue its efforts, selection time is still long, they may also need me. I can not stop that kind of player, put on the national team jersey is a dream, and if they need me, I am ready to help the motherland. "

Moncler jackets outlet cket and try to make it for everyone

Le 31 October 2015, 04:19 dans Humeurs 0

Moncler sale opera Thanks to Gamme
of just under 423 million last year is robustness. ou know, whenever I think of 'luxury not a word I always like so much I think of the wallet my mother gave me 25 years ago, he said. t is from Herm s, and it is always here in my pocket. It has not melted, or fallen apart, it i.Moncler sale s still there. For me, that is luxury. ight as the feathers it is filled with, but tough as boots, too, Moncler revival began when Ruffini opened stores in Europe poshest ski resorts. Then he pushed to export the mountain jacket to lower altitudes, producing designs. roomy enough in the shoulder for a suit to be worn underneath and launching Gamme Rouge, a collection aimed, initially only in Ruffini fantasy, t making down jackets so elegant women would wear them to a first night at La Scala Now, women in Milan do wear their lavishly trimmed Monc.Moncler sale lers to the opera. Thanks to Gamme Bleu (a sometimes absurdist men range overseen by the American Thom Browne), a collaboration with Pharrell Williams (the 21st-century musical blade who sang Get Lucky), and various. other high-fashion sidelines, Moncler audience has broadened still further. hen we were starting Moncler, said Ruffini, y people would say, 'So who is our customer What is their age And after thinking and thinking, I thought we could take this great product the original down ja.Moncler jackets outlet cket and try to make it for everyone. Despite the higher profile of those highest-price designer lines - whose quirk-heavy catwalk shows have recently featured skateboarders in gorilla suits and models o.n zipwires - the vast majority of Moncler sales come from its more muted jackets, which sometimes don look a million miles from those modelled by Terray in the 1950s. Ruffini is suspicious of fashion, he says and the motto of this week IPO was the decidedly ambiguous urvive Fa.shion Partially, this is thanks to his father, Gianfranco, who in the 1970s created a range of psychedelic rayon disco shirts called Nik Nik that were briefly as hot as Travolta and made a fortune then fell terminally out of vogue. Ruffini said: fashion company can be fantastic, but .then suddenly nothing. I want to make something that really lasts. o what now for Moncler, described on the front page of yesterday Financial Times as potentially as high a stock-market climber as Burberry he biggest risk is that we slip. Many companies make a fantastic number, b.wshir1018 ut then a few years later they have lost their energy. Ruffini has not himself sold a single share, because don think I have finished the job. We e done a lot in the last 10 years but we can do more. I want to make the jackets even lighter they have to fly! Surely, though, he was tempted to cash in eople asked me how much I would sell. Maybe seven, eight per cent They said I could buy a new house, or a new boat. But I know this guy with eight hous

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